Best Interactive Toys to Buy to Help Preschoolers Learn

Are you looking for ideas for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, educational toys, or just new things to help teach and engage your preschooler? You’ve come to the right place!

As an Early Childhood Special Educator, I am a big believer in play-based learning. Kids learn best through play. I have created these Amazon Idea Lists to help you find toys that will help your child learn and grow through exploration, imagination, and creativity. I hope you will find them helpful, and if you have anything you’d recommend to me, I’d love to hear it in the comments!¬†

The things that I am recommending are either products I have owned, or used in other places like schools I’ve taught at, play places, libraries, etc. If I have not personally used them, then I did my best to find products that are from brands that I trust with high ratings, and I will write comments on the products (in the Idea List) stating that.

Just click on the category pictures and they’ll take you to my Amazon Idea List. These will be growing lists, so make sure you come back again!

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Sensory play is engaging and fun. These types of activities are great for all kids, but especially for kids that are harder to engage in play.

Cause and effect toys are great for kids who are harder to engage and/or learning independent play. You can use these toys to engage your child and help them ask for more by creating Circles of Communication (back and forth interactions).

Kids learn so much through pretend play. The more opportunities a child has to pretend, the better. This develops the brain, and helps a child learn things like cooperation, problem solving, empathy, personal responsibility, social skills, motor planning, sequencing, and the list goes on. Here are some examples of play scenarios that kids love. When you click on the picture it will take you to my Amazon Idea Lists. These toys can be for kids at any level of play from independent to cooperative play.

These are my favorite books to use in my preschool classes. They are generally books that have a good rhythm, and kids are able to “read” with you because they are simple or have repetitive phrases. They are also good books to use with adaptive devices.

These are products that can help you as you try to teach more academic skills. I believe that using play to teach academic skills for preschoolers is the best way for them to learn.