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0-6 Years Old

Why Early Intervention Is Important

During the early years of life, especially from birth to age 6, the brain undergoes rapid and extensive development. This is why you’ll always hear that Early Intervention is so important in a child’s life.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, whether or not your child has a diagnosis, it’s important to offer extra supports to your child for the best outcomes.

Primary Concerns

If you have any of the following concerns, there are ways to help.

  • My child has a difficult time calming down, even with help
  • My child has a difficult time with transitions
  • My child gets upset often, and sometimes it’s difficult to know why
  • My child doesn’t sustain attention for very long
  • It is difficult to engage my child in play
  • My child’s play is repetitive
  • My child isn’t communicating at age level 
  • My child isn’t imitating yet
  • It is difficult to get more than a few back and forth interactions with my child
  • My child isn’t interested in playing with other kids
  • My child doesn’t seem to understand emotions yet
  • My child does not participate in pretend play yet
  • My child has a difficult time making and keeping friends
  • My child doesn’t follow directions
  • Taking turns and sharing is hard
Individualized Approach
You’ll find that there are different approaches to helping a child with autism, ADHD, and developmental delays. Although I have been trained in behavioral approaches, I prefer a developmental and relationship-based approach to helping kids with their developmental progress. 
With in-person sessions, we are able to create an individualized plan to help your child progress by identifying where your child is developmentally, and what their sensory-motor preferences are. Through our sessions, I am able to teach and train you (the parents) how to implement simple techniques throughout the day to help your child progress and grow.
I believe that a child’s time in the home, with family, is so important, which is why I love working with families. With our sessions, you will learn about child development, how to target developmental skills such as attention, engagement, communication, play skills, motor skills, social skills, problem solving skills, and emotional regulation.
You’ll also learn how behavior is connected to brain development, and how to best support your child through the good and the difficult times.
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7-11 Years Old

Autism And ADHD

As children grow older, they are faced with new challenges. Kids with autism and/or ADHD may need extra supports to help gain the skills they need to be able to continue to progress and grow. Some areas of development that may be of concern may include:

  • Attention and Focus
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Sensory Processing
What are Executive Functioning Skills

Executive skills begin to develop at a very young age and are needed throughout adulthood. Executive skills play a crucial role in your child’s ability to focus, plan, organize, and regulate their behavior. Executive Functioning Skills include the following:

  • Response Inhibition
  • Working Memory
  • Emotional Control
  • Sustained Attention
  • Task initiation
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Goal-directed persistence
  • Flexibility
  • Metacognition
Individualized Approach

Every child deserves an individualized approach that will meet their specific needs, strengths and interests. Sessions 


Sessions are adapted to each child’s unique include engaging activities based on the child’s Lessons are taught through engaging activities including games, movement, and special interests. Together with you and your child we can make a plan that will best support your child’s unique needs.

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10-18 Years Old

Brain health is vital to success in every aspect of our lives. Stronger Brains is an online brain training program for kids 10-18 years old. Play With Joy is an official provider of Stronger Brains. For more information about Stronger Brains, click here.

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You may also send an e-mail to joy@playwithjoy.com or call 801-930-0390

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